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Bring your talent to Barrique Spazio Eventi. Make a difference.

Corporate culture
at Barrique

Our corporate culture is a combination of the vision, mission and values you’ll find at Epos Bistrot.
VISION: We are proud ambassadors of the food & wine heritage of Lazio, Italy and the world. We want to help spread the tradition of Italian fine wine and dining around the globe.
MISSION: we are committed to creating incredible fine dining experiences that people simply can’t help talking about.
PASSION= for the world of food and wine
SACRIFICE= results come from hard work
ENTREPRENEURSHIP= we believe in the spirit of initiative
TEAMWORK= alone you go faster, together we go further

We’re looking for extraordinary people

We aren’t looking for servers, chefs or sommeliers who come to work just to clock in and clock out – they won’t last long here at Epos Bistrot.
Instead, we want extraordinary people with a fanatical attention to detail. People who can make a difference.
If all employees thought this way, every customer would leave with a smile, the business would flourish and would reinvest part of its profits in the collective wellbeing.
For this reason, our goal is to achieve a balance between the aims of each individual and those of the business.
It’s the only way to make sure everyone enjoys their work and lives a life worth living.


Opening the doors to talent

Barrique Spazio Eventi is looking for talented people to join the kitchen and front-of-house teams. What are you waiting for?